Welcome to our site!


The Planet Foundation was founded in 2013 as a result of our concern for natural environment & the quality of life in our region (Malopolska) and country (Poland).

We work in the following fields:

  • protection of natural environment
  • renewable energy solutions
  • energy efficiency
  • ecological education
  • organic food
  • sustainable development of countryside areas
  • promotion of healthy lifestyle and well-being

Currently we are involved in an anti-smog campaign. Air pollution is a very serious issue in Poland – the country that relies heavily on fossil fuels and especially one of its main resources – coal. This affects not only our lives, the lives of our children but also of future generations.

We believe that (as a country) we already have every possible means to change this situation – we only have to use them. The most difficult part is probably the change of mindsets. Then, all the changes that follow are much easier.

We also believe that it is possible to live a full, satisfying, and creative life in harmony with nature and ourselves while using the best of modern practices.

If you would like to cooperate with us or support us in our campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us at info[at]fundacjaplaneta.org